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3d预测17500this patent pending system and method is for measuring the closed side setting (css) on gyratory crushers. this measurement method is used to provide more accurate data and faster data collection times than current methods used today. the benefit of using the system is the fact that data can be obtained within minutes. collecting the data daily helps to predict the mantle life and also allows maximizing the life cycle of the mantle. with accurate data trending, the mantle changeouts can be planned with more accuracy.

Mantle Life

3d预测17500the mantle life is predicted to be extended by keeping a constant css because it assists the choke feeding. choke feeding reduces mantle wear and extends mantle life. without accurate data from the system, there is a risk of belling the lower mantle skin and causing early failure and unscheduled downtime.

when the system, utilized daily, the crusher tonnage or production is maintained at the forecasted numbers. too tight of setting reduces tonnage and can adversely affect the crusher mechanics and motor amp draw. if the css is to large it will affect choke feed as it cannot be maintained, and will send coarse material to the mill reducing tonnage and crusher effectiveness.

System Benefits

this system does not require the use of overhead cranes, cleaning out the crusher, lowering people into the crusher using rope access for manual gap measurements or using paint cans or lead balls for measurement.

the system will produce an accurate css reading whenever it is required without the operator leaving the cab. this reading can be tied into the mainframe computer system and can be read from the control center or anywhere that is connected. this system will improve wear component life planning and reduce down time, while improving throughput.


we consider this system a large leap forward towards a value driven solution

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